85.5% Efficiency

The BIASI KAPPA is a wet leg cold-start, atmospheric gas boiler with a unique and high quality, GG20 Cast Iron heat exchanger. The boiler is encased in thick layer of insulation to reduce heat loss, noise and running costs. These features enable Kappa to supply heat quickly to the heating zones and hot water tank resulting in reduced fuel usage. ASME and CSA certified for safety, fuel efficiency and durability.

Utilizing “Lo-NOx” multigas, stainless steel burner with intermittent pilot combined with electronic reset, the KAPPA will reduce your home’s fuel bills while lowering emissions of harmful pollutants.

The BIASI KAPPA is easy to install with supply and return fittings on both sides. The front and top casing panels have “push pins” for easy casing removal to expose the burner and control panel. The electrical, safety, and control devices are housed in the control panel.

The BIASI KAPPA boiler has a pre-wired control panel including operating and alert lights. The HW S9361 controller manages all components including the motorized stack damper, BR 8204 valve and regulator, temperature limit, circulator, purging, and reset functions.

You’ll enjoy confidence from the KAPPA boilers Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Kappa Literature

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